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General Questions

I can’t find your old games in the Store. What’s up with that?

We changed our in-house policy for making apps in 2021. All our apps will be removed from sale to update. In-app purchases will be retained. Because in-app purchases were handled by the Store and we did not store any of customers’ information so we could not inform our customers directly. If you have a complaint, please send an email to us at

Did you remove FlappyBird from sale?

FlappyBird was created in 2013 when our company has only one person. The creator wanted the app to be enjoyed in few minutes not for hours. Be aware of the addictiveness, the creator informed customers via his tweet one day before removed the app from sale. Since then, we haven’t updated or republished the original FlappyBird app.

Which Game Engine do you use?

We’re using Unity Engine.

How can I reach you if I have questions?

Please drop us an email at

Can I visit your company office?

It’s totally possible! However, you will need to register first by sending us an email to