Game Name: Swing Copters 2

Developer: .GEARS Team

Publisher: DOTGEARS

Release Date: December 17, 2015

Website: http://www.dotgears.com/scopters2

Languages: English

Platforms: iOS (App Store), Android (Play Store, Amazon AppStore)

Who are .GEARS Team?

Trung: .GEARS team is 6 members development team, led by Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird. .GEARS team was formed in mid-2014. The team was in charged of the development of Flappy Birds Family for FireTV in 2014. My role in team is production manager.

Dong: They helped me to create the original Swing Copters in 2014 as well. My role in the team is game designer.

Lam: Dong, Trung and I were friends since the university. My role in the team is lead programmer.

What is Swing Copters 2?

Dong: Swing Copters 2 is a free-to-play arcade game and a sequel of the original Swing Copters. Users control a pilot equipped with a copter-hat to fly through obstacles to get points.

Trung: The control stays the same as it is in Swing Copters. We stick with our philosophy of the one-tap game. It’s perfect to enjoy with touchable screens on mobile devices.

What is copter-hat?

Dong: The concept of copter-hat in Swing Copters was inspired by the Take-copter gadget in the Japanese manga series Doraemon. (http://doraemon.mangawiki.org/take-copter/). However, it's not as stable as Take-copter in the air. I believe if we have that device, in reality, it should be extremely unstable to fly.

Trung: Haha, in our game, there’s nothing easy.

Is Swing Copters 2 easier than the original?

Dong: No. It is much more challenging. Thanks to the new movable are swinging hammers. At first, I thought these new obstacles will make it impossible to pass somewhere in the gameplay. But Lam and Trung brought in some good solutions for that.

Trung: Activation time of all obstacles is calculated based on the speed of each character to make sure that when the character flies by, obstacles are open wide enough to go through. So basically, everything is possible, if you are "good" enough.

Lam: The programming was a bit difficult however I managed to do it well.

What is your high scores?

Dong: I got 74 with Pinki.

Trung: I got 74 with Spinkimaru.

Lam: My best is 24, never had a chance to see gold or platinum medals.

There are more characters in this game and there is a story for them. Where is the story come from?

Dong: The story was put bit by bit during the development, and some parts were based on our life events. The basic idea is to provide something funny, so people don't get too frustrated. Sometimes story was improved when a new cool character was created. Most of the script was written by Trung.

Trung: My script is inspired mostly by the look of each character. Sometimes the idea came from a random manga I read or from a conversation between our team.

Dong: At first, we just wanted to refine the artwork for Swing Copters and to release it as an update for the current app. However, at the time, I was working on another co-op project in Japan, and I created two characters Fabi and Spinki for that project. I thought it should be great if we can somehow put those two characters into Swing Copters as well. And Fabi Crasher and Spinki Falling of Swing Copters 2 were born like that.

Trung: In the game, Copters Inc. was founded as a company by Spinki Falling and Fabi Crasher. They tell people the company is an aviation company, but it doesn't have any profitable business activities. And yet, they still recruit more pilots to join the company.

Dong: To burn investors’ money, I assume. (smile)

What are the stats of characters?

Trung: Characters have three stats: Up Speed, Swing or Horizontal Speed, and Handling * Up Speed is how fast your character is flying up. * Swing Speed is how fast your character is accelerating to the left or the right. * Handling is the ability to stay stable as your character flies higher and higher. But the most important thing about stats is characters look cooler with them. They don’t have much impact on playing. (laugh)

How to unlock a character?

Trung: You can unlock a character by gaining medals or by stocking points. We also provide IAP; you can pay to unlock. But pay to win is not recommended. Each time you unlocked a character, you also unlock an item in collection box which is a short and funny conversation between characters.

How to "master" a character?

Trung: To master a character, you’d have to collect all four medals from bronze to platinum using that character. And the reward for that effort is a new item in the collection box.

Is there a final quest for the game?

Trung: It’s not really a quest. By mastering all characters, you will be able to unlock a special item.

Dong: The moment when you unlock the last special item, you beat the game. I love that moment. Trung is the first person who finished the game in just one day (laugh). However, you can still play the game as an endless game.

Is there a final quest for the game?

Trung: It’s not really a quest. By mastering all characters, you will be able to unlock a special item.

Dong: When you unlock the final item, you beat the game. I love that moment. Trung is the first person who finished the game in just one day haha. However, you can still play the game as an endless game.

How long does it take to develop the game?

Dong: At first, the plan was to update the current app so it should take one month. However, the plan was changed to make a sequel instead, and it took more than two months. We worked hard to complete it in 2015.

The art style in Swing Copters 2 is different from other games of yours. Why and how do you make it?

Dong: Actually, we still use the same way to make graphics for our games. This time, we upscaled everything twice and put more pixels to smoothen the edge to make them look better on bigger phones today. The tool we choose is Photoshop CC. I tried hard to make it matched with our previous work. This style will be our official art style from now on.

Nguyen: It takes more time but it looks much better, and we have more freedom for creativity.

Who made the BGM for the game?

Dong: The background music and sound effects were made by a studio in Tokyo. (http://pansound.com). Their work is really good.

Which engine do you use?

Lam: We use COCOS2D-X because of its speed, stability, portability, and easy-to-use. The release build is as small as using our own DotEngine (the engine made by Dong Nguyen and it was used in the original Swing Copters, Flappy Bird, and our other games).

Dong: The final build is less than 10 Megabytes. That is our gold standard of size for our games.

Is there any tips to be better at the game?

Dong: Each player has their style of play. Some people repetitively tap on the screen; some people tap slowly and more precisely. I don’t know which one is better.

Trung: Make yourself relaxed when you play. Only tap when it is necessary.

Game Design Dong Nguyen

Production Management Trung Vu

Programming Lam Le, Dong Nguyen, Trung Vu

Writing Trung Vu, Dong Nguyen

Graphics Dong Nguyen, Nguyen To, Trung Vu


Porting Dat Doan, Lam Le

Marketing Son Bui, Dong Nguyen


Thank you for playing!

© 2015 .GEARS